I’ve done a lot in 4 months!

I haven’t checked my blog in a while. I know that’s terrible but I have been so busy that I forgot that I have a blog.

I checked it this morning and read the one and only post that I have for this blog. Wow. You can taste the lack of enthusiasm!

The truth is that I never wanted to take on the responsibility of writing another blog. I haven’t even been keeping up with my first blog. But lately, I have found myself wanting to blog about my business. The process is long and hard and its still a work in progress. But that is just it; progress.

Since my first blog post I have earned my Cottage Food License, Earned my business license, set up an LLC, dove head first into purchasing advertising, and I’ve also been trying my hand at SEO (search Engine Optimization). It has been a whirl wind of work and bills!

I have had 10 orders since then.

Notice how I made that last sentence a paragraph? That’s because that statement alone deserves its own paragraph. 10. TEN. t.e.n. sales. That’s it. 10.

BUT through all the work, and lack of sales, I have never given up, or lost hope, or doubted myself or my business. I know that it is a process and there are many people that have been going through the process for far longer than I have and they are doing far more work than I am.  My work is not my business, it is my passion, so I know that I will not fail. IMG_20160326_164444138