How Buyers Can Help Etsy Sellers

One of the reasons why people that shop Etsy love to shop there is because they are helping small businesses by purchasing from them rather than the big box stores. But did you know that there are other ways you can help Etsy sellers?


When you check out with PayPal, the seller receives payment immediately. This give the seller the funds to pay for supplies and shipping.

When you check out with Direct Checkout, it can take sellers up to 3 days to receive funds. This can put sellers in a position where they have to front the costs of supplies and possibly shipping. If the seller waits to receive payment before they begin working on the order, this could put them behind shipping schedule.

Besides possibly getting your item to you faster, you are also saving them money on seller’s fees. Its not much, but every little bit helps.


Sometimes we find an item that we are so excited about that we hit the buy now button without knowing all the information we need to know. Usually this leads to questions being asked after purchase and sometimes the item isn’t exactly what you thought it was or should have been considered a custom order and possibly priced differently. This could mean the seller may have to refund your payment and start a custom order for you , or it could even mean that you receive an item that you feel wasn’t described properly. No one wants that. ­čśŽ

If you aren’t sure about a listing, or if you want a custom order, please contact the seller first so everyone will be happy!


Have you ever noticed that while you are looking through listings something may catch your eye, but even after looking at the listing you are left with questions or concerns if the item is what you are looking for?  Sometimes you can look at the reviews and have your question answered, or your fears laid to rest (or confirmed EEK!).

When you leave feed back it helps other buyers get a better idea of the product being sold and the experience they should expect. So you are helping other buyers. But you are also helping the sellers for the same reason.

If you have to leave negative feedback, you are helping the sellers as well. I don’t condone leaving negative feedback because of disagreements that were attempted to be resolved. But if you truly had a bad experience and the seller was not helpful than you need to leave feedback to make sure that seller is aware of your experience. Maybe they are oblivious and need to be told. Or maybe they don’t care and need to be closed down. Again, I only condone negative feedback if the seller truly did not attempt to resolve the problem.

Please take your time to leave thorough and thoughtful feedback.


When you find a really special item or shop, be sure to follow them on social media platforms.

When you check out on Etsy a pop-up window will ask you if you want to share your purchase on social media. Do it! Share your excitement about an item you are eagerly waiting on. Chances are one of your friends or followers are interested in the same things as you, and this could lead to another sale for the seller and a chance at some awesome twinsie moments with your social media friends! YAY! Everybody wins!



If every seller on Etsy purchased their supplies from other Etsy sellers, they would all be successful. If you really want to support the Etsy community, take a moment to ask your seller if they purchased their supplies from other Etsy sellers. Its not always possible to buy from other Etsy sellers, but if it is, they should do it. Support your community, right?

Sellers can help themselves by noting where they purchased their supplies from in the listings. It doesn’t happen often, and they don’t have to be specific, but pay attention to those small details.


When you buy from an Etsy seller, you are helping that person pay their bills, pay for their child’s Karate classes, or maybe fund their business further.

If there is one thing that I hope you remember from this post, it is this; Etsy sellers are people. They are not corporations or stores. They are moms and dads, college kids, old and young people. They are people just like you that have a talent they are willing to share. It can take a lot of courage to share talents and face the possibility of criticism. Some sellers are making your item in between baseball practice and getting dinner on the table. Some sellers, like myself, fulfill orders and answer questions on their lunch breaks or after work during their “free time” because they can’t afford to quit their jobs but they want to pursue their passions.


When you are browsing and you find items you are interested in, take a second to push the heart button and favorite the item. Not only can you go back and find it on your favorites list, but this also boosts the items visibility on Etsy and could possibly lead to a sale.

If you have a shop you love, favorite it. This will help the shop become more popular on Etsy.

If you REALLY love a seller and want to show them you love them, favorite any new items they list. This boosts the items chances of being seen during a search, and could possibly lead to a sale.

And favoriting an item can possibly benefit you as well. Some sellers (like myself) will send you a coupon for a discount on your first purchase when you favorite one of their items or their shop. How sweet is that?


Thank you!

An Etsy shop owner